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Request for Quotation -“UNFPA CRSV STIGMA CAMPAIGN”



UNFPA requires the services of a qualified media company to develop a comprehensive media campaign content that focuses on alleviation of stigmatization of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. Media company will develop a comprehensive Campaign book – a set of documents and knowledge products that contain, but are not limited to, campaign messaging (through careful calibration and testing with target groups), tools and distribution channels (adapted and contextualized for target communities) and all other related media products (developed for maximum impact and in line with planned targets and current baselines) that will allow UNFPA to deploy a campaign at the local level, in 12 communities in BiH. 

Development objective(s)

Achieve measured improvement in visibility of CRSV-related notions and issues at local levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBIH: Tuzla, Vitez, Orašje, Maglaj, Goražde, Sanski Most; and RS: Bijeljina, Doboj, Foca, Knezevo (with a possibility to be swapped with Banjaluka), Prijedor and Kozarska Dubica).
Immediate objective(s)
Citizens are better informed on CRSV survivors' position in the society
1.    Citizens know that stigmatization of survivors leads towards their even greater social isolation.
2.    Citizens understand that reduction and alleviation of stigmatization can begin only if the community demonstrates support to CRSV survivors.

Proposals should be prepared based on the guidelines set forth in Section IV above, along with a properly filled out and signed price quotation form, are to be sent by e-mail to the contact person indicated below no later than: Thursday, 15th November 2018 at 3:00 PM Sarajevo Time.