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This report documents the main socio-economic factors and features that drive outward-oriented migration of young people from BiH, primarily taking into account individual characteristics of the respondents, such as sex, age, education level, employment status, political and civic engagement, place of residence, quality of living environment, positions and trust toward politics and policies in pre- and COVID19 period, as well as various other relevant elements. Migration potential was assessed by the application of a set of questions on migration intentions in the country of origin, while drivers of migration were explored by questions on the causes of migration aspirations that are observed as a result of macro (e.g. socio-economic situation), meso (e.g. social network abroad) and micro factors (e.g. characteristics of the individual).

The research study was conducted on a representative sample of 5,001 young people, aged 18-29. The research was based on a quantitative approach and collection of primary data collected in a large-scale face-to-face survey, implemented by a market research company, Ipsos BiH, between January and March 2021.