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UNFPA in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Since its opening in 1995, UNFPA in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been working on improving sexual and reproductive health and rights, empowerment of women, advancement of gender equality and advocating for the quality population data to be used for the development policies and strategies.

With human rights and gender equality at the core of all interventions, the UNFPA supports progress towards: (a) accessible, affordable, high-quality, integrated sexual and reproductive health services; (b) strong accountability to eliminate all forms of discrimination; (c) empowered marginalized groups, with an emphasis on women, adolescents and youth (particularly girls); and (d) policies that strongly promote human rights. Achievement of these goals includes advocacy, policy dialogue and advice, capacity building, provision of data and evidence for policy development and knowledge management.UNFPA has been providing support to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since 1995 through a number of projects and initiatives at the policy and service levels, basing its work on the key principles and approaches, including human rights based approach, capacity building, local ownership and sustainability measures.