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Mosaic Foundation together with the UNFPA and the British Embassy Sarajevo, opened on the 1st of August the Peace Laboratory invite to which 124 great ideas applied! After the first selection, the Commission selected 40 teams, and in the second round of selection, the Commission selected 20 teams of great young people who will compete for funds of 150,000 KM provided by the Government of the United Kingdom, in order to realize their ideas. The selected teams spent over 100 hours working on their ideas with mentors from different fields, and on the 5th of August 2020. results were presented. The whole process took place in the Lonac, 3 Commissions with a total of 13 members participated in the process, in different phases of selection. And, the Commission has decided! These are 8 ideas ⤵️


1.    GamEscape - Media and IT

"Our goal is to launch a project that will focus on educating young people about the importance of their civic and democratic engagement through two interactive educational tools - board games (board games) and escape room games.”
The project consists of working with 9 participants - students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, who together create and develop three different board games focusing on different educational aspects of raising awareness of media and information literacy skills among BiH citizens. After designing and printing the board games they have previously created, participants will test the games in several sessions at their universities or high schools in different cities/regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2.    Djeca cirkusa (Children of the Circus) – Culture, Arts and Media

“Children of the Circus” is a feature-length documentary and will tell the story of women raped during the war and children conceived that way. With this film, the team wants to show that the true war heroines and heroes are those who, after surviving the horror, managed to find a way to continue their lives.”


3.    Helem Nejse Rejdio Šou (Helem Nejse Radio show) – Arts and Media 

They applied to the Peace Laboratory with the idea that the new season of "Helem Nejse Radio Show" would focus on topics such as "Media Literacy", "Inner Peace - Spirituality", "Art as a Peace Promoter" and "Dialogue and Tolerance". As part of each episode, they will host guests who are relevant to the topics they will cover, but also be interesting enough to their audience.

4.    Poljoprivredna zadruga “Korijeni” Ugljevik (Agricultural Association "Roots" Ugljevik)  - Activism and Entrepreneurship 

Two Bosniaks and three Serbs from the  municipality of Ugljevik have been cooperating for a long time in the field of fruit growing and selling, as well as processing the fruit itself. 
"The trauma of war will not disappear on its own, but at the moment when all of us, despite the accumulated pain, fear and hatred, decide to continue to cooperate with each other and thus heal the broken ties.”
Their idea is a common, agricultural association and as such is the idea of peace, healing of war traumas, especially among the younger population that carries them without guilt and being responsible for them, and is developing in the field of social entrepreneurship. Their primary market in the near future is in BiH, while in the future they want to export quality domestic products from the association "Roots".

5.    1minut - Minut pozitive - Laboratorija mira (1 minute - Minute of positivity - Peace Laboratory) – Culture and Media

Through the series "Minute of Positivity - Peace Laboratory", made of 50 video stories lasting 60 seconds, we will address topics that show positive examples of building and maintaining peace throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and thus contribute to peace building.

6.    Raseljeni i zaboravljeni: život na rubu postojanja (Displaced and forgotten: life on the edge of existence) – Media and IT

Twenty-five years after the war, there are over 150 settlements for people displaced by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, home to thousands of people, and often the second generation of children born in displacement centers. They are marginalized, forgotten by society and without a voice in public discourse. 
Given that for the territory of BiH there is no online platform that includes information on displaced persons and settlements in BiH in one place, but various websites that deal with certain topics or serve exclusively as a link repository, this team will develop just such a platform! Displaced and forgotten: life on the edge of existence will be a platform - an interactive website, with a developed database and adequate user interface.

7.    P. O. D. R. U. G. LJ. I. V. C. I (Mockers) – Culture and Arts – Activism

This team decided to innovate for peace through web series created for young people. Their greatest motivation for applying to the Peace Laboratory is internal; they want to tell a generational story about young people who were not directly involved in the war nor were they responsible for the war, but are aware of the consequences of the war and want to treat them constructively.

8.    AR - Augmented Reality - Proširena Stvarnost za Mir (AR - Augmented Reality - Augmented Reality for Peace) – Media and IT

Augmented Reality - Augmented Reality for Peace will provide a virtual experience of events from the war to tourists, young people and all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this way they want to show all the horrors of war, its consequences but also to bring our society to an adequate confrontation with the past. The application will be available throughout BiH, regardless of the conflicting parties, because, as they say, the consequences of the war were felt by every city in BiH.

For the realization of these 8 ideas, funds of 157.490 KM were allocated.