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Sarajevo, 23 October 2020 - The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, socially responsible company Violeta d.o.o. and the Mosaic Foundation are launching today, on the occasion of the United Nations Day, a GIRL CHILD LAB, which will run from 10th December 2020 until 10th January 2021. The Laboratory for Girls aims for young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to come up with ideas together on how to empower young girls and provide them with support and opportunities to grow into strong women, hence promote equality in society.

This project provides an opportunity for young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to work together in order to provide a voice, gather new skills and experience and improve the status of young girls in our society while doing what you love. The main goal for this project is to support initiatives which will result in new ideas and solutions in order to support girls and transform wishes and promises into reality.

 “Investing early in the support and empowerment systems for girls is a long-term, self-sustaining, and more cost-effective way than later. We know that this is not an easy task, but we also know that this region is filled with young people, who are active, curious, creative, persistent and dedicated to building a different reality for themselves and their community. For all these reasons, we want to send a clear message that girls have the right to equality and being heard, they have the right to equal opportunities, and they have the right to a better position in society. We believe that by doing what they love, be it hanging out in school with friends, during free time, family time, TikTok, Instagram or YouTube - this is possible”, said John Kennedy Mosoti, UNFPA Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Director for Serbia.

Upon selection, candidates will have six months to implement their ideas, and the total funds for grants amounts to 40.000 USD (20.000 USD for each country – BiH and Serbia). Socially responsible company Violeta d.o.o. will in addition provide gift packages for girls and their schools.

Info Day of the Girl Child Lab is planned for 10th December 2020, the Human Rights Day, where will be presented all relevant information such as how to apply, available budget, as well as, how the Girl Child Lab will function.