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Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) presents a unique development context for the work of the UN. The country has emerged from a post-conflict phase into a period of more stable development, with the long-term goal of becoming a member of the European Union.  During the post-conflict phase, Bosnia and Herzegovina developed a framework for the establishment of national policies on poverty reduction, development, gender equality, HIV, child and youth protection and the environment.

UNFPA Country Programme Focus and Priorities

The UNFPA continues to support three strategic areas.

The sexual reproductive health programme component supports the development of reproductive health policy and programme for the prevention of cervical cancer which is the second malignant disease and one of the highest causes of mortality among women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as ensuring equal access to reproductive health services for adolescents and the country’s youth.

The Population and Development Strategies programme component focuses on strengthening the systems of social and demographic data collection and management for higher quality policy development.                   

The Gender Equality Programme Component focuses on combating gender-based violence, including through the development of a strategy to improve the status of women survivors of sexual violence during war, and the establishment of referral mechanisms for gender based violence. This is undertaken with the aim of enhancing cross-sectoral collaboration and referrals, and preventing and reducing gender-based violence.


The UNFPA has been actively cultivating partnership to make inroads towards achieving programme goals. This includes supporting the Parliamentary Group for Population since 2004 - a group that has had a pivotal role in advocacy on ICPD issues.

The first Census in Bosnia since 1991 is due to take place in 2013. This event is of critical importance in providing quality information to the government and is a prerequisite for EU accession. In terms of strengthening social and demographic data collection capabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the UNFPA works with the Agency of Statistics to help prepare for this important census.